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Friday, February 14, 2014

Play a Role in Keeping Arts in Education

 At Arts On Stage, we believe that the opportunity to enjoy professional theatre productions in Maryland is an enhancement to a student’s learning success; an opportunity we are proud to provide children season after season. For 23 seasons we have been self-funded, while managing to maintain the lowest ticket price of any theatre arts presenter in Baltimore, welcoming over 850,000 patrons. In order to continue providing professional theatre field trips at such a discounted rate we are launching our Inaugural Capital Campaign.

With our 2013-2014 season well underway and our 2014-2015 season on the horizon, we hope you will consider giving your gift of support by making a donation. Your generosity at any level will help bring us one step closer to reaching our $75,000 campaign goal and will make it possible for students to enjoy live, professional theater in Maryland for many years to come.

Please visit and make a donation today!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Well that didn't work...

So we tried to launch a fundraising initiative with Giving Tuesday and we created a YouTube page with a video explaining why we need funding and guess how much we got this past Tuesday.....NOTHING!

I can't explain it and I am not sure how to remedy the situation. People write us all the time and tell us how much they appreciate what we do, but as soon as we ask for a donation to help, we get no responses. Our ticket prices are so low, it is a steal. But some even say that it is still too much for their students to handle. However, I then find out that some schools go to Disney On Ice that is $15 + a ticket and where is that in the curriculum I might ask. And there are other theatre companies selling tickets for $17+ and selling out the theatre. I don't get it.

In the meantime, I will keep plugging away trying to get donations.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#Giving Tuesday

Arts On Stage is launching a fundraising initiative. Will you help us keep Arts In Education? Watch this video to find out more...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School - Back to Theatre

Well, it is back to school time. As a parent, it is hard to get into the rhythm again of school. I am blessed to have two kids that like to sleep (in the morning that is). So waking up to an alarm is so not my style. It would take a good couple of weeks to really get into the swing again. Oh and packing lunches, I hate doing that!

The one thing I do look forward to is taking my children to see great shows that bring books that I had read them to life, or learning about math or science in a new way. I have the great privilege to have my kids be exposed to this starting from a very young age. My daughter was an infant when I was walking around the theatre ushering kids to their seats, while having her in a sling. She learned to do steps going up and down the theatre stairs. We even made her her own name tag with a lanyard saying "In Training". Then it was the stage. She loved to be on stage during the announcements waiving to all of the kids. She even got to go back stage to meet the actors/performers. Till this day (she is now 7) she still sings songs that she had learned from the shows, she loves science and can tell you the difference between the book and the play. She also loves theatre and understands "theatre magic". She amazed me when she went to see a school play when she described in detail what they could of done differently that would of made things better. Now, she is in school and doesn't get to come as often, but I will take her out a couple times this year to see The Berenstain Bears Live (We love those bears), Mammoth Follies (She loves dinosaurs) and her all-time favorite Step Afrika. Hopefully her school will come to one of the shows. My son (3 years old) is now loving theatre the same way his big sister has. Although he doesn't sit still as long, he sings the songs and dances. 

It is my hope this school year that more children can see a professional play. There are many children's theatre presentations around Maryland. Arts On Stage, my organization, is one of the cheapest around. Check out our website, for shows being presented this season. Maybe I will get to see you at the theatre this year!

Also, visit our website to see how you can help kids to see these shows that will leave them with a great impression that will last a life time.

Jamie Papas
Director of Marketing & Community Outreach
Most importantly a Mom to 2 wonderful kids.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ever thought of Grants?

Well the Oriole Community Booth was nice, but no one really stopped by. Everyone seemed to be in their own little worlds just racing through the grandstand to get to their seat or get food. I had stars flashing 7 gold mylar balloons waving in the wind, Michaela Smith (Miss. Preteen Maryland) with a crown and sash and three Arts On Stage workers smiling and waving. We sold only a few tickets for the Smyth Jewelers Pandora Bracelet with Oriole bead raffle and didn't make a lot of money for our Season. Bummer. I wish there were more outlets like this for non-profits to really get their information out there.

Speaking of which, I have come upon and am currently working on a page to get funding. You might be asking yourself, your a non-profit right? Why not go for grants. Crazy, I never thought of that ..... yes we have, there are several problems with grants. One is you need a independent financial audit which could cost anywhere between $2,000 - $4,000. (If we had that kind of money I wouldn't have to go for the grant). Another issue is a lot of grants are suited for our non-profit. Most grants want an event that will span over months and is done on weekends and/or at night. We don't do either. We are going to stick with our mission of educating students and not conform to grants just to get the money. We have been doing this for 22 years with only ticket sales - but times are changing and bus transportation and expenses in general are going up. We don't want to raise our costs to our patrons, so we are looking at donations and sponsorships to help out our costs. If you are interested or know of someone who is (individual or business) please contact me (

Thank you and Go O's!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exciting News!

Pandora Bracelet from Smyth Jewelers to be Raffled at Orioles Community Booth on July 11th!
Summer is upon us and we are extremely busy. More so than in past years. We had our first Summer performance that went over well. I would of liked to see more in the the 12 noon time. But for the first one out of the gate, we did pretty well. (Hint: We are working on one for next year - more hints to come later).

Now we are gearing up for the Orioles Community Booth on July 11th! As a non-profit we were granted usage of the Community Booth at Camden Yards during a game to get the word out about Arts On Stage and drum up sponsorships and donations. In ready the agreement for the booth, I noticed we were allowed to have a raffle. So I contacted Smyth Jewelers and they quickly donated a Pandora Bracelet valued at $250.00. When we picked up the bracelet to our surprise and delight it had an Oriole bead on it!!! So now we are having a raffle as well at the booth. The proceeds of the raffle will support Arts On Stage's mission (See our mission statement online Call it our event planning mind, but one thing leads to another and now we also have Miss Maryland PreTeen who will be at the booth modeling the bracelet. Her name is Micheala Smith and see will be competing in Nations later this month in Texas. So if you are coming to cheer on the Orioles on July 11th make your way to the Community Booth on the Third Base side and visit us! Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Calendars, Testing, Holidays oh my!

This is the time of year that is tricky, trying to look into the crystal ball and determine what shows to present and on what dates. There are several calendars to look over to come up with the master calendar of all the school systems "off" days, out early days, holidays, testing dates, etc. Then you have to figure out when is a good time to have what show. When are the teachers teaching that particular subject. The worst is the testing dates, they seem to take over March and April. Then some principals don't allow students out of the building (those grades not testing) because it may disturb those that are testing. Teachers are having to teach to the test now a days and aren't given much wiggle room to be creative. What about those kids that aren't test takers. I for one was one. They would hate for me to be in the public school system right now, I would lower the test scores! There has to be a better way to judge if a teacher/school is fulling their duty of teaching kids correctly. Well, back to my calendars! Our 2013-2014 season will be posted on our website by May, but if you "like" us on Facebook/Arts On Stage, Ltd or tweet with us @artsonstageltd you will find out sooner!!!